Increasing Response Rates tutorial video

Increasing Response Rates tutorial video

Increasing Response Rates
We have some of the best methods for improving response rate percentages. We have gathered data by administering online course evaluations semester after semester and asked for tips from our real life faculty clients with incredible response rates. Take a look at this video to find out how you can get a phenomenal response rate this semester!

Predictive Statistics
A descriptive walk through to how the predictive statistic feature of DropGuard works to help identify trends and traits of an individual that will how an increased chance in either staying enrolled or dropping out

Use SmartEvals in Canvas to Take Attendance
Video shows how easy it is to log into their Canvas account and take attendance using our SmartEvals software.

My EvalCenter
My EvalCenter is the center of activity for instructors. Here you will find out how My EvalCenter works: add questions, send out emails, find out survey begin and end dates, and get your results. You can do all of this easily from My EvalCenter!

Are My Results Valid
Many instructors have concerns about whether their results are valid when they switch to online course evaluations. Watch this video to put all your fears to rest.

Instructor Course Evaluation Concerns
This video, part of our Instructor Training Series, addresses the more general concerns instructors have when their school makes the switch to our Course Evaluation Software. Whether your school has just made that switch or you are a new instructor who has always used paper based methods, this video is a great place to start.

How To Use Our Screens To Improve
If you are concerned about your survey results score, this is the video for you. We discuss six proven ways to increase your scores. You will be surprised how easy it is to pull up your survey results score!

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