Custom Reporting for Course Evaluations tutorial video

Custom Reporting for Course Evaluations tutorial video

Would you like to know how to improve one of your lowest scores with the least amount of effort? Are you up for tenure review in the near future? The myFocus tool will show you what to focus on for improvement. This indispensable tool will do all the tedious calculations for you!

Custom Reporting for Course Evaluations
Finally, a report that can show you exactly what you want and how you want to see it! This video will show you how to adjust the custom report to be exactly what you prefer. Plus, we have ground breaking data analysis tools that will make analyzing your report painless!

Percentile Rank Analysis
The percentile rank report ranks all of the instructors at your school from highest to lowest. Now you can see where you fit in among your colleagues easily. View this video to find out more about the options of this powerful report.

Historical Reporting
Historical Reporting is an easy way to spot trends and analyze information over time. You can see general and specific information for each class you have taught. Make sure to watch the Historical Reporting video if you are going to be doing some calculations over many semesters or years.

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